Welcome to LEMIT. We are dedicated to providing the law enforcement profession with world-class education, personal and professional development, and analysis and research, to inspire excellence in management and leadership.

LEMIT will be hosting a one day seminar. Aging, Dementia, and Elder Mistreatment: What Law Enforcement Professionals Need to Know. April 23, 2014. Sign up now.

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SHSU Alumnus Lt. Col. Rafal Wasiak spearheaded exchange programs between law enforcement officers from LEMIT and the Polish National Police.

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The Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility recently completed a training program on the search and recovery of clandestine burials for law enforcement officers.

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A study by Dr. Kelly Knight examines substance abuse across the generations.

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LEMIT is developing online training courses in environmental enforcement for state, local and tribal agencies across the country.

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Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas

is a nationally recognized Institute offering premiere professional development opportunities in policing. Since 1989, LEMIT has served law enforcement agencies in Texas, including Police, Sheriffs, Constables, School and College Police, Alcohol Beverage Control Agents, District Attorneys and Attorney General Offices; and Emergency Management Coordinators. Learn how LEMIT can serve your agency.

Environmental Crime Program Training: EnCriPT

In April, 2013, Sam Houston State University received a substantial grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to develop on-line training courses for members of the environmental enforcement community working at state, local and tribal agencies. The three year project will deliver web-based training from their page on the LEMIT website. For more information please click here.

Post Critical Incident Seminar (PCIS)

Turning vulnerability into strength through learning, utilizing and offering peer support. For more information please click here.

Eyewitness Identification Model Policy

It is with tremendous honor that LEMIT announces the adoption of the Model Policy and Procedures for which it was charged to develop and disseminate to all law enforcement agencies in the State of Texas.