International Police Program

International Police Program

One of the very popular LEMIT portfolio of initiatives is the International Police Program, led by Magdalena Denham, an experienced international traveler who has lived and worked overseas for many years. She brings with her experience from the linguistics arena, as well as a sound law enforcement affiliation in addition to her expertise in global policing issues.

The intent of the Program is to provide opportunities for Texas law enforcement officers to interact professionally with their counterparts from other countries, with a special emphasis on Asia, South America and Europe.

The Criminal Justice Center at Sam Houston State University has developed a considerable number of sustainable relationships with law enforcement agencies from around the world. The LEMIT Program builds on these relationships to enhance the opportunities for Texas law enforcement officers to understand the importance of international cooperation. Participants discover the impact of immigrant and overseas visitor issues affecting the American economy; learn about policing in the community and harmonious living. A series of professional symposiums will be conducted at LEMIT to discuss critical policing issues that affect us all.

A series of overseas professional visits and officer exchange has taken place with agencies in China, Korea, Thailand, Poland, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom allowing Texas law enforcement officers to benefit from a hands-on experience of policing overseas. The opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world provides an invaluable experience in sharing and learning across a broad spectrum of law enforcement issues.


International Police in Action