De-Escalation Training Center

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Topics Covered:

    This unique train-the-trainer course trains attendees how to teach our popular and highly rated 8-hour De-Escalation for Today’s Officer: Advancing Community Policing and Procedural Justice course to officers within their own agency.

    The non-escalation and de-escalation techniques and strategies taught in this course are key to obtaining voluntary compliance, and they work!

    Based upon the principles of community policing and procedural justice, this training can significantly reduce the chance of lawsuits against officers and their agencies by minimizing the most common and costly mistakes committed by officers. It can also increase or restore community trust in law enforcement and save the careers of otherwise good and decent officers.

    Learn to instruct the following topics:

  • How to prevent contacts from escalating
  • Increase skills in responding calmly and effectively if challenged during stops
  • Learn key strategies to obtain voluntary compliance and avoid force
  • Gain confidence in applying and explaining your lawful authority
  • The duty to intervene – what officers must know
  • Reduce chance of lawsuits against officers and agencies
  • How to increase officer effectiveness on the street and in the courtroom
  • Lawful stops & detentions, lawful arrests, and force avoidance
  • And MUCH MORE!
  • Everything taught in this course is highly applicable to the job of a law enforcement officer.

Course Hours:

    This course is a 24 hour training.

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Apr 22 - 24, 2024

Course Cost:

All courses available from the De-Escalation Training Center are currently offered at NO COST to law enforcement officers, through partnerships with the DOJ COPS Office.

Location Information:

Wichita Falls, TX

This course, Street Level De-Escalation and the Duty to Intervene, is taught by instructor Don McCrea of Premier Police Training -

For more information, contact:

Garreth Tiefenbach, Director of the De-Escalation Training Center
Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas
George J. Beto Criminal Justice Building
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX 77341-2417
Phone: (936) 294-3485

Cancellation Policy:

Registered participants who are unable to attend may submit a request for a substitution attendee no later than 7 days prior to event date. All attendance information will be reported to sponsoring agency. Lack of attendance by registered participants in COPS sponsored trainings may disqualify agencies from future COPS trainings.